Our Vision: More than a pub.

Our vision for The Windmill centres on strengthening its role as a traditional community hub and reaffirming its place as a ‘country pub in the city’. We will create a welcoming, inclusive space for families and people of all generations to meet, eat, drink, work, play and learn. As a Community Pub through and through, the values and aims of The Windmill will reflect those of its community. There will be clear community involvement in the direction that the pub takes, through consultation with community share-holders who will have a say in all major decisions.  The Windmill will become a place which adapts to the needs of its community; a user-led space where busy people can find time to relax, connect with each other and those who are isolated or in need can access support, company and good food.


It is essential that our project is financially viable so that the long-term benefits of the pub can be achieved.  This will be accomplished through realistic budgeting and careful business planning with a charitable purpose. Community shares will be sold so that anyone and everyone in the community can take ownership of this project and wider philanthropic investment will be encouraged




22nd April

We are relieved to let you know that the planning application to turn the Windmill Pub into 5 flats has been refused by Bristol City Council.


It was refused on the grounds of the design due to the proposed flats not having enough light and that they overlook each other and neighbouring properties. The design also did not provide enough space for rubbish and recycling and the application failed to provide a required Tree Protection Plan.


You can read the Planning Officers Report here:


So any comments made concerning the change of use have not been cited in the reasons for refusal but these were discussed in detail during the decision-making process so were taken seriously.  The owner can and may appeal the decision and has 6 months to do so. However, the refusal outcome means we are more likely than ever to be able to re-open the Windmill as a Community Pub once lockdown comes to an end.


We continue to prepare all the necessary documentation in readiness for establishing the Community Benefit Society, launching the Share Offer and putting in a community offer to buy the pub when the current pandemic situation shifts enough to make this appropriate.



Learn more about the community share offer by downloading our information booklet.

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If you would like more information on our business plan please click here.



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